Tomorrow Night 7-9 PM (EST) On Kenny “The Rocker” Wilkerson’s Special Interview With “Riki Rachtman” From Headbanger’s Ball

Monday, Nov 12th 7-9 pm (EST) join & Kenny “The Rocker” Wilkerson with a very special LIVE interview with “Riki Rachtman” a well known VJ from the heavy metal show Headbanger’s Ball on MTV , The Cathouse & Rock Of Love. On Tuesday, November 13th, at 6:30 pm Riki will have his Final Lap of Riki’s Ride 2018 along with Lea Vendetta from Ink Master, to the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach. The last stop of his tour that is raising money for “To Stop Soldier Suicide”. Tune in for all the details at  Facebook LIVE at Rock All Out or TuneIn App at Rock All Out or find G-LOVE on UPLIVE

“Riki Rachtman” VJ Headbanger’s Ball, The Cathouse & Rock Of Love

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